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I do not consider myself to be solely an artist or a musician but a culmination of the two. Art and music work together to evoke the mind. These disciplines possess a deep connection, and as I witness music inspiring art and art inspiring music—I find myself being influenced by both inseparably every day. Art and music have very similar characteristics; rhythm, movement, and color are just a few of their interchangeable components. Art is my voice to communicate with the world; because of this, I strive to design pieces that address provoking and important issues. Each individual piece deals with a subject or idea that I desire to expose to my audience, an effort to express thoughts that I struggle with sharing verbally. Many of these ideas can be vague: simply a thought or a single word, but nevertheless I strive to share these emotions through any art medium that I can. In turn, I am given the opportunity to communicate with my audience through the summit of art and music. Collectively, they give me a distinct voice that I can share with the world. 

University of Michigan – BA