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Pan Yin-

Or Ornido

I have always been passionate about art, but for many years I knew that this was not enough.  I needed a message and an eternal goal to vitalize my work.  Coming from a Catholic household, I was always encouraged to seek truth in love.  So I made it my mission to read the whole Bible, to not only connect to my roots, but also understand what love is.  In six months, I finished reading it from cover to cover and used my newfound inspiration to create work that incorporates the techniques of both surrealism and classical art to visually depict what love looks like. It is amazing that one word, love, has so many different layers of depth that I believe one painting alone cannot show all at once.  Love has power in its subtleness and I believe art can illustrate these subtleties as clearer messages that would relate to any human being.

UC Berkeley – BA