Megan Gottfried

I am interested in the boundaries between painting and sculptural work and in making it clear that I am a woman creating in the art world during the 21st century. Therefore, my sculptural paintings are both bodily and feminist. I am a Jewish, multidisciplinary, queer maker that draws from the infraordinary, which is the observation of events and moments in daily life. Recently I read Lenka Clayton’s section in the book The Artist as Culture Producer​, in which she declares that her life is her art. Drawing from Clayton’s ideas and my own life experience, I represent these ideas through clothes, fabric and objects that live my life with me; the physical, contemporary evidence of experience, proof of my existence. I wear my clothes and collect fibers, then put them ​ in my artwork. Visual imagery of patterns and clothing that have been worn​  through happenings in my life are in conflict with my traditional training in perceptual painting. After I have worn my clothing on my physical body, the clothes are then altered and warped to materialize for the final time in the body of work. I explore a lexicon of bulbous, organic forms in multiple mediums including oil, fabric, and graphite.


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