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Echols Beasley 

I learned to make handmade paper in one of my art classes at Salem. We used discarded or scrap paper and combined them together using water and a blender to make paper pulp.  You combine this mixture with a vat of water.  Using a mould and deckle, you pull the paper through and transfer the product from the screen to a glass or board for drying.  You put a cloth and another board on top to help it flat.


I wanted to do something a little different than what I had learned. I could see it in my head but didn't know how to transfer it out.


So after experimenting with different colors, textures and patterns and even trying to embroider on the finished paper, I had a eureka moment in how to "paint" with paper.  Here are a few of my "paintings" and a happy experimental piece.

Salem College