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Kristen Bonner

I am a young artist from Virginia and just graduated from Salem College with a B.A. in Studio Art and Psychology. I will be continuing my studies at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York pursuing a Masters in Creative Arts Therapy this fall. I currently specialize in oil paint but enjoy working in multiple mediums to have variety in the studio and freedom to move in expression. My work is mainly abstract with bright colors and organic shapes, but my thesis focus has had a much more structured approach. I am steadily inspired by the artists around me, the psychology I study, and from learning new things each day. I create art for those who may not understand everything around them, I seek to explain and break down concepts. I love to learn and will actively seek out information. I spend hours on end in the studio, hyper-focused into my work. Through this I have my personal outlet for anxieties and stressors and create something beautiful in the end. My work is often scattered in content as I have such a broad array of interests. There is undoubtedly trial and error surrounding everything we do and there is no shortage of that while creating, but I see that as part of the enjoyment from it. We learn more about ourselves through this. I believe knowledge and power lie in creativity. 

Salem College