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Pin Wei Kaywee Kuo is an artist who grew up in Taiwan and immigrated to the U.S. when she was eleven. Using different forms of art like photography, installation, painting, and sculpture, she makes art on subject matters of how one defines home and the stigma and conflicts of social identities. She is an artist based in Los Angeles, and currently working in Berkeley, California.


About her project ​Safe Space​:

In this era, humans have never so relied on technologies. Because using technology to communicate is so convenient, individuals have fewer chances to connect with one another in person. This installation challenges the lack of face-to-face communication in today’s society by establishing an open space for people to use to talk with one another. With a 5ft x 5ft wood rectangle frame hanging from the ceiling with skill fabric draping from the frame to the floor, and inside the surrounded area is decorated with items (rug, pillows, lights) that make people feel cozy. This rectangular space is a safe place for people to share their thoughts and have conversations. People are welcome to talk about whatever they desire to. I hope when people step into the installation, they can give their full attention to the person(s) they enter space with. 

UC Berkeley – BA