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From a young age I have often wondered what would happen if the earth had a mind of its own. What would happen to our world if the earth began purposefully morphing its contents with its phenomena, utilizing their patterns and coloration to produce something purposefully beautiful… an anomaly? The Gaia Anomaly explores this concept by demonstrating the possible outcome of this narrative. Through the main structure we see the anomaly itself while the sprout clusters demonstrate the life created. The encased figure depicts the earth’s intellect at the core of this creation while its fingerprint can be seen in the flecks of gold dust dispersed around the growth – like a signature. The piece is not only meant to depict the life which anomalies can create, but the beauty in those creations as well.


Although the narrative of this piece is imagined, the idea that the earth has a mind of its own is still true in a sense; the many organisms and landforms which are formed in nature balance and organize themselves in response to one another, functioning as one entity, one collective soul, originating from one anomaly: the creation of life and beaty.

UNCSA High School