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Art is the process of expression of someones interpretation of the world they live in through their imagination. Unlike many species, humans have always had the passion to tell a story. Before written history, humans told their stories of a death, or everyday life with only a few tools; mud and their fingers. Ultimately that craft of telling a story evolved into different mediums such as film, visual, music and others. However despite the differences in the mediums, each artist have a commonality of wanting to tell a story and having an audience to tell it to. Personally, an artist must be able to be vulnerable, empathic and humble. Vulnerable enough to take risks and take the failures of life and turn it into art; educated enough to master the craft which the artist creates and a sense of humility to be open to criticism and learn not only from themselves but from others. 

Vulnerability influences the final outcome of my work because a different emotion will produce a different stroke of my paint brush or even the thought process I begin working in. The skill to be able to put my emotions into my work sets me apart from many other artists. Since I could remember, the drive for me to create work was emotions. Either the emotions are beaming or gloomy; my work is influenced by it.

I like to be able to catch a certain audience for my work which is why I find it easy to portray societies pain in my art. 

The product of art is one thing, but the  process is what sets a part artists from other artists.

Univeristy of Michigan – BFA