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This painting I am showing is an ideology toward abstract painting. Since last year, I am fascinated by the American abstract expressionism. I want to know and experience how the artists create all the freedom and a whole new world. I personally don’t prefer going into style of Jackson Pollock or Joan Mitchell because I don’t have any inspirations. An article I read about Mark Rothko sparked my interest in his style- providing viewers a timeless space or moment that they can contemplate. The image lets the heart sinks but filled with satisfaction in front of big, solid but gentle color compounds.


So I painted the abstract background as an experience which turned out elegantly. The work takes the geometry shape of Robert Delaunay’s painting, the dark and coordinated tone of Mark Rothko’s pieces, and the gradation, blending, and contrast of color that can be found in Henri Rousseau’s The Sleeping Gypsy(1897), last but not the least, the background of Joan Miro’s works.


However, I decided to sell the painting recently. So I decided to add something fun to make it pop out from other similar abstract painting and also aim to create a real space within the abstraction. I used my favorite color red and started the zipper on the part that has the most red paints on the canvas. With the realism zipper, the work was at the same time given another identity of the metaphysical or surrealism genre like the work by Giorgio de Chirico (personal favorite and inspiration) and Rene Magritte. The realness of the zipper hopefully can attract the viewers to look at it and believe in the space behind it.


Personally, it’s really interesting to see how I create my work naturally but end up with influences of all different artists.

UC Berkeley – BA